We properly winterize your property to avoid any damage that a burst water pipe will cause. Water service is shutoff at the street and all water from that point forward is removed from the plumbing system. Gas or electric is shutoff at the water heater and any water is drained from there and any filtration system that is at the property. All plumbing is drained of water using forced air to ensure all water has been removed. Non-toxic antifreeze is used in all toilets , traps, and dishwashers throughout the house. All toilets are taped shut then winterized signs are placed on them and throughout property. The heating system is tested and the thermostat set to the required temperature. The supply line at the water meter is loosened and all faucets and spigots are left in the open position so any remaining water vapor will evaporate. We notify the client of any plumbing issues on the winterization report that is created for each property.